Colon Polyps

Colon polyps are small growths coming from the lining of your bowel. They can range from being very small and of no consequence, to large and at risk of turning into bowel cancer. Often they do not cause symptoms, but may cause bleeding, for example. They may be picked up incidentally at the time of undergoing a colonoscopy for other reasons (eg. family history screening). The risk of them developing into bowel cancer depends on the size, type and number of these, which are determined during a colonoscopy procedure. They can usually be removed at the time of identifying them by ‘snaring’ them off during the initial colonoscopy procedure.

Follow-up colonoscopy procedures are often necessary to ensure no further ones grow. If you feel a colonoscopy may be required it is first important to see your GP. Dr. Le Page has performed around a 1000 colonoscopies and audits his patients outcomes to ensure the highest standard of care. He is accredited by the Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) to perform endoscopy (gastroscopy) and colonoscopy.

If your GP believe's a specialist review is indicated for you, Dr. Le Page can undertake these procedures. Please call (02) 9767 7908 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Le Page. Your individual circumstance will be clarified by Dr. Le Page during your review.

The information provided is of a general nature and not intended for self diagnosis or replacing the opinion of a medical practitioner.