Haemorrhoids are a common condition. They are a swelling of the blood vessels just inside the anus (everyone has these blood vessels, but only when they become swollen do they cause a problem). Often constipation makes them swell. They can protrude from the anus as an uncomfortable lump, or cause bleeding, usually after passing a bowel motion. If bleeding happens you must see your doctor to ensure there are no other causes for the bleeding that may need investigation by way of colonoscopy.

Treatment may involve simple management for constipation, or the placement of rubber bands inside the anus to make them shrink (which usually is undertaken at the time of performing a colonoscopy). If they are large they may need surgical removal.

If you feel a specialist review may be indicated for you, please discuss with your GP and call (02) 9767 7908 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Le Page. Your individual circumstance will be clarified by Dr. Le Page during your review.

The information provided is of a general nature and not intended for self diagnosis or replacing the opinion of a medical practitioner.