A hernia is where a weakness in the muscles of the abdominal wall (belly) leads to a hole in the muscles. This abnormally allows the abdominal contents (usually fat or bowel) to be pushed out as a lump. There are many types of hernia in the groin and the front of the abdomen. They all mean a hole is present and something is penetrating through it. This can cause a lump, pain, feeling of something giving way or more serious problems like bowel blockage or strangulation.

Surgery (usually keyhole “Laparoscopic hernia repair”) may be indicated and is the only effective way of repairing the hole. This is usually either a day case operation or overnight stay. Dr. Le Page has performed hundreds of these procedures, has published and presented international research on hernias and audits his surgical outcomes to ensure the highest standards of care.

If you feel a specialist review may be indicated for you, please discuss with your GP and call (02) 9767 7908 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Le Page. Your individual circumstance will be clarified by Dr. Le Page during your review.

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