Colonoscopy - diagnostic, and including removal of colon polyps

Colonoscopy is where a flexible telescope is passed through the anus to inspect the inside of the colon (large bowel). The end of the small bowel can also usually be inspected. Direct visualisation of these organs can be achieved and biopsies can be undertaken to be looked at under the microscope. It is a relatively brief procedure and performed under sedation as a day case. There are a number of reasons to undertake it, including investigation for rectal bleeding or to screen for bowel cancer.

Conditions that can be diagnosed include diverticular disease, bowel cancer, haemorrhoids and colon polyps. Treatment can be applied if necessary during the procedure, such as removing colon polyps.

Dr. Le Page has undertaken around 1000 colonoscopies and is accredited by GESA (Gastroenterology Association of Australia) to perform it. He audits the outcomes of his patients to ensure the highest standard of care. If you feel a specialist review may be indicated for you, please discuss with your GP and call (02) 9767 7908 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Le Page. Your individual circumstance will be clarified by Dr. Le Page during your review.

The information provided is of a general nature and not intended for self diagnosis or replacing the opinion of a medical practitioner.