Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery Cost

Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery Cost

Is bariatric surgery affordable?

Most bariatric surgery in Australia occurs in the private hospital system. This is because unlike most operations, there are very limited opportunities to have bariatric surgery performed in the public system and fully covered by medicare. Dr Phil Le Page’s surgery and aftercare program (including ongoing appointments) will be covered by the cost which is outlined during your consultation. The cost is dependent on a number of factors that include whether you are covered by private health insurance and which hospital you will have surgery at. So that the most appropriate option on health grounds can be recommended by Dr Le Page, the cost will be the same if you have a gastric sleeve, bypass or band. If you hold private health insurance that covers bariatric surgery (either item number 31575 or 31572) this is the best case scenario but many patients undergo surgery with Dr Le Page without insurance (sometimes with superannuation access support). Dr Le Page has special arrangements at each of his hospitals to make these affordable for his patients, including significantly subsidised costs for eligible patients at his public Hospital appointment that can be clarified at your initial consultation.


Can I use my superannuation to help fund the surgery?

Many patients are eligible and choose to do this. The Australian Taxation Office has specific criteria which doctors follow for determining if a patient may do this. Eligibility is clarified at your initial consultation with Dr Le Page. The process of arranging this will be simplified for you by us after your consultation and we have special arrangements with a specialised Superannuation finance team to assist you with this.


Does medicare cover bariatric surgery?

Yes. This means that Medicare financially contribute to you having bariatric surgery according to specific guidelines (such as having “clinically significant obesity”). This does not mean the surgery and hospital stay is fully covered by Medicare, rather Medicare contributes to a portion of the surgery cost (as do Private Health insurance companies when they cover you for this). In addition to Medicare, the hospital also has to agree to perform the surgery and cover costs of this, which is the case for the Private Hospitals that Dr Le Page works at, along with Concord Hospital for eligible and approved patients.


What are my next steps to discover more about undertaking Weight Loss Surgery?

You have read a lot of information already on our website. We suggest you get in touch with us to arrange an initial appointment with Dr Le Page to make understanding the surgery and the process simpler and clearer for you. You can ask him any question you wish to. You will be provided with written information and diagrams and have the opportunity to discuss at a subsequent appointment if you choose.