The Importance of a Specialised Bariatric Surgeon

The Importance of a Specialised Bariatric Surgeon

Why should I choose an expert in Bariatric Surgery?

Your goal must be having the best outcome possible for your health and wellbeing and at the lowest possible risk. Many decades ago weight loss surgery was performed by general surgeons who had to be proficient but not necessarily expert in any one area. In modern medicine in metropolitan areas of Western Countries like Australia sub-specialisation has occurred and so some surgeons focus their skill in weight loss surgery and surgery on the stomach. These surgeons have the experience of refining their surgery techniques, being aware of signs of any issues and have plans and processes in place to support and monitor you. These are all done to make your outcome as safe and as effective as possible.


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What experience does Dr Phil Le Page have in bariatric surgery and why choose Dr Le Page?

Dr Le Page has performed over 1000 weight loss surgery procedures as a Consultant Surgeon, and 1000’s more other laparoscopic gastro-intestinal procedures. Additionally, throughout his Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgical training in Australia and in the UK prior to 2014, he had performed many more and been trained by leaders across the world. He has been providing specialised ongoing care for bariatric surgery patients throughout his career. As your surgeon he provides your medical review appointments himself, from your initial consultation and beyond your surgery. He has consistently been recognised as a “leading contributor” by the National Bariatric Surgery Registry and his practice deemed a Bariatric “Centre of Excellence”. He has attended and presented at a number of international and national conferences on the subject and continues to be involved with novel research.

“I pride myself on my professionalism, surgical expertise and the ‘personal touch’ in communicating with my patients and helping them get back to health”.