The Weight Loss Surgery and Aftercare Support Program

The Weight Loss Surgery and Aftercare Support Program

Dr Phil Le Page’s Weight Loss Surgery and Aftercare Support Program

What's included?

After consulting with Dr Le Page and deciding that Weight Loss Surgery (Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve, Bypass or Banding) is right for you, your package will include:

Further before surgery checks and input for your health optimisation

Contact by the Hospital before surgery

Review with Dr Le Page on the surgery day just prior to surgery

Expert Surgery by Dr Phil Le Page, one of Australia’s most skilled Weight Loss Surgeons

Contact by Dr Le Page to a contact person of your choice for your family and friend’s comfort (at your discretion and if you choose to)

In hospital care by Dr Le Page, nurses and his team (usually now only a 1 night hospital stay)

Personalised book dedicated to healthy eating and recipes recommendations for patients after they have had weight loss surgery

Post-operative clinic reviews with your surgeon Dr Le Page over a 2 year period (informing you of your progress and keeping your health monitored)

Nutritional support from Accredited Dietitians specialised in Weight Loss Surgery both before and over the year after surgery

Post-operative personal and psychological support by expert counsellors/psychologists who specialise for bariatric surgery patients

Collaboration between Dr Le Page and your GP for your overall health benefit

Dr Le Page’s affiliations to bariatric surgery support include: