Eligibility for Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Le Page treats specialised disorders of the upper gastrointestinal tract, weight loss operations, general surgery and endoscopic procedures.

Am I Eligible for Weight Loss Surgery?

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You are potentially eligible for Weight Loss Surgery and we recommend you make a consultation with Dr Le Page to provide further details.

Having a body Mass index above 30 means you are potentially eligible to have the surgery. A number of other factors determine if surgery is appropriate for you and these can only be assessed appropriately during your consultation with me. Other factors include your ethnicity, age and how long you have been struggling with your weight. Broadly, the higher your body mass index (or weight circumference) the more likely you are to be eligible. The lower your body mass index means it is increasingly important for me to assess the impact on your health. The impact on your health is determined by the presence of illnesses that have been caused by your obesity (such as diabetes or arthritis).

Some of these may be obvious to you and some may only be discovered during the assessment process (eg. you may not know you have fatty liver but this is often picked up on screening blood tests). It is during this consultation with me when I will advise if you are eligible. We then discuss the types of surgery and your goals together, specific to your specific situation. You are provided with information to look over in your own time. Sometimes you have been considering weight loss surgery for a long time and I can facilitate promptly organising surgery. Sometimes we decide a further consultation is a good idea for any further questions you may come up with.