Groin hernias and pain – update on management of “Sportman’s” type hernias

I presented an updated specialised talk on the common problem of groin hernias (inguinal, femoral, ‘Sportman’s hernia’) this weekend at the Kuringai District Medical Association GP conference, held in the Southern Highlands.

Many patients have this problem, and not all patients have a significant hernia nor need surgery for it. It is therefore important as a specialist treating this condition to know when surgery should be done, and to communicate the benefits and risk to a patient.

In a nutshell, for subtle groin pain without an obvious hernia take home messages were:

  1. A proper history from the patient is necessary
  2. A specialist examination by a surgeon is important to ascertain the likelihood a hernia is causing pain
  3. Checking the ultrasound and sometimes ordering an MRI or CT
  4. Some recent research series report good surgery results in selected patients properly investigated – I favour the laparoscopic keyhole mesh method after again reviewing the scientific literature

Please book to see me if this may be relevant to you and if after you see your GP they agree and provide a referral!