Recovery after bariatric surgery – a patient experience

“I have recently undergone a sleeve gastrectomy, how was my recovery in the weeks after surgery?”


“The weeks after surgery were surprisingly easy to navigate. I was certainly expecting a lot more pain & discomfort. After surgery I was able to manage the minor discomfort with Panadol and a heat pack, which was rarely needed, and only when I was doing too much. Having my gall bladder removed previously was a harder recovery including pain levels after surgery. The discomfort after sleeve gastrectomy was minimal and quite manageable. Adjusting to my food intake was quite easy as the instructions from the surgeon and dietician was very easy to follow. I followed the instructions as provided and there was never any issue with eating & recovery. Keeping up my fluids, protein supplement & multi vitamin enabled me to recover quickly and feel well. I followed all the advice and have had a great recovery which has made the surgery a great success and a great experience.”